Week-25-Project Development.

As the MA is drawing to a close, and my assignments are due. Any further development on the physical part of the project has been completed. The CRoP is the associated document. This week, I have been writing and working on the CRoP and trying to bring it in with in the guidelines of the assignment specifications.

The exhibition has been held and felt it was a great success on the personal level.I achieved what I had set out to do. Entering the cave, the journey the road as a representational photographer and exiting an abdtarct photographer with a story to tell. My intention is to submit to galleries and museums (some small ones to begin with) and take the show on the road.

I intended to make my own book, however, I have not had the time to do it. I could have had it done by someone else, but decided against it. As I did for the rest of this project by making my own prints, framing and exhibit walls.  Of course, none of it can be achieved completely alone, and  was not my intent. I merely wanting to  transform the mental into the material, the true alchemists dream. Turning lead into silver, or copper into gold, was not the true mission, it was the increasing of cognitive powers, moving from a lower state of thinking to a higher sate of thinking through materialization of the thoughts and ideas. A good example would be going from the idea of transmitting a message through the air, was finally achieve by Marconi at the turn of the century. I wanted to move from the represeataion to the abstract  to deliver a message of the mind.

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