Still playing catchup, finishing off 7 day picture a day. Started my Instagram this week. It was up, however did not know how to post, but figured it out, so no I have been posting on Instagram. It’s much better than I thought and am enjoying it very much. ¬†https://www.instagram.com/streets2studio/

Module Leader Office with Anna was very informative. Spoke about a lot of things, mainly how to get from small time to big time and her advice was spot on, and need to change my approach. Anna stressed how important Instagram is, so figured I may was well dive in. I did, and very happy about that. Looking forward to the next MLO with Anna.

Finally met with Krishna to-day for the first time. Had the opportunity to listen to past recordings. I am pleased to have he as my Tutor and feel it’s a very good fit. Still have some issues with the FMP, in terms of finding a thread through the work. I am and have been very opposed to telling a story with photographs, especially with abstract work. However, as I have learned in past modules, the very thing I oppose has been a hinderance in going forward with my practice, and once I had overcome them (appropriation and refusing to talk about my work) things started to open up. So, maybe I need to address this story telling issue as well and see if thats not what is the cause of my moving forward with the FMP. In the past two modules, I did not achieve a uniformity of images, or a series. They were very one of a kind, I felt I crossed the threshold, but stopped right there. This module I will make a series of images, good, bad or indifferent. I will see what the outcome is after the process instead of shutting down before, or freezing at the gate.

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