Week-4-Project Development.


Feb 21 I printed 20 images today of fences or fence related images. Tomorrow, I will lay them out, pick 10, that signify fences as barriers, or with other signifiers.  I my write text on them, or narrate, as I burn them one by one out back. It’s been snowing, so the red flame with the white snow and the black carbon remains should look interesting.

I plan to do a video of the burning, and make still images of each of the ten as the burn starts, the middle and the end, doing this with each image.  I have often wondered why some artists burn their work? Now I think I know.  John Baldessari burned all his work and started again. I’m not that radical about it. Mine is the death of old ideas in the form of an image on cheap paper. Mine represents death of the old ways of thinking and approaching the new. I am no longer waiting for Todog.

I also made a few images out my window for some later projects, and filmed another short video.

Feb-20. It was still snowing up where I live in the mountains, and there was no sunshine, the roads were closed and my car snowed in, so difficult to go out and photograph, so worked on my painting, made a video of an icicle in my back yard, I also made a few images of fences and snow around the house. Worked on some Lite-Room images, and organizing my work on the hard drive. My objective is to keep working creatively in one way or another.

Feb-18. It’s already Monday. I want to go out and photograph, but there is no sun today. It’s been snowing and about a foot of snow, so it’s difficult for me to get out and about. I may develop a few rolls of film to-day. Will read some more of Roland Barthe’s And may do a few digital farming images. Thinking of working with an old mannequin I have in my images. I have introduced my shadow, next will come hands, and may extend this to my self of a mannequin in the images.

I have been farming a few abstracts, around the house. In preparation of crossing the “Fence” for the next module.

Would really like to do some printing, have been painting as well over the past month so that been a nice addition, it’s been a while since I did that, some how it’s all stimulating the image making juices.

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