As the MA progresses, I am moving from the objective (representational) to the non-objective (abstract) I have been abstracting more and more over the past year and hope by the end of the MA to have abstracted completely. Changing from the importance of the subject matter to the importance of the subject, moving from the denotative to the connotative and from the explicit to the implied.

The look of the work will become very important and feel that it is important for my images to be consumed not only from an aesthetic point of view but from an emotional point of view as well. The transition has not been easy. I have understood this intellectually for a long time, however making the work to show it concretely has been extremely challenging. I do not want to rely on techniques, gimmicks, shock value or other cheap ways of working, I have already done that, and my work felt hollow and deceitful. I felt more like a snake-oil salesman than an artist. However, as the module and the MA progresses, a lot of change is coming about. I have let got of the control of the image and let other forces come into play to shape the work, and it seems to be working.

Cannot say that this weeks tasks and coursework has challenged my practice as much as the week on signs has, however, I will be looking into other visual practices and may incorporate other media in the making or constructing of my images as the module progresses. Will be incorporating elements of design, and other forms to help create the abstractions.

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