Week 6 Project Development

I own many cameras in many formats,  All the way from 4×5 down to 35mm and from 35mm motion down to Super-8mm, a camera junkie for sure. Sometimes it becomes difficult to choose which camera to go out and photograph with. But have learned, always have the digital camera close at hand (my trusty Canon 7D) because, I have run out of film, and had no other camera handy when I need to make a few extra images.

Generally I will go out with two cameras. This week I went out with my Nikon F and my 35mm panorama camera. It has a light leak issue, and has not been used in a while.  I decided to put a roll of film through it as part of my project development.

Went out with two rolls of Tri-X I inherited from a friend. I normally use Ilford HP5+, however, as I had some Tri-X I decided to use it and go photograph in the afternoon for my series ‘Fences’  I came back and developed the film.  The film developed well, but two issues arose. Firstly, the panorama camera still has a serious light leak and secondly the Tri-X curls very badly, making it difficult to mount and scan on my Epson V750

I read about some few techniques on line to make the negative flat,  but most people still have the problem, and it seem universally problematic with this film, so I will be sticking to Ilford HP5+. It dries FLAT!.

I looked at the light leak problem, and scanned the negatives full frame.  I like the look of the light streaks and flashes, so scanned and made a series of the negative with the imperfections. I may incorporate this into my portfolio this module. I felt that using the camera this way gave the image an interesting mood and feel.

© Pierre Chemaly
© Pierre Chemaly
© Pierre Chemaly

Tomorrow I will be driving down to Hollywood to buy some Kentmere 400 a Freestylephoto, they are  a film and digital supplier, with a good range of film stocks and chemicals, and I get 5% discount with my Falmouth Student ID. https://www.freestylephoto.biz/99400-Kentmere-400-ISO-35mm-x-100-ft.-Roll  I have not used this film, but it is made by Ilford, and is a lot cheaper, and grainier. I like grain so I am going to test it out. My HP5+ is running low, so time to buy a new bulk load of 100ft. I will spool off about 10 rolls for the F2F trip in Paris. I plan to shoot a lot of film while in Europe.



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