Week-8-Contextual Research

As the MA progresses, I am working on a process of image destruction and re-construction. This process of having a hand in the creation of an image is giving  me great creative satisfaction. This has come about in this module, before this time I was just a ‘hunter’ of images, now I have become a ‘farmer’ of images and take the approach of the farmer and grow my images.

I remember hearing a story many years ago (no reference, my apologies, so it could be an old wives tale) about a baking company doing a test to see what sold best. A cake mix where milk alone was added, or one where eggs, milk, and sugar was added. The one where the baker had to  add the eggs, was the better seller, because the baker felt more involved in the process. Whether this is true or not, I cannot say, however, I feel the same way about being more involved in the image making process, so I understand and like the analogy.




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