During my conversations with Dr. Wendy, the subject came up about late life exhibitions.  I was online doing some research on painting, and came across a water colorist by the name of Hercules Brabazon Brabazon, who had his first exhibition at age 71. The old adage is true: “It’s never too late to be who you might have been.” George Eliot.

Quote: https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/george_eliot_161679


Had a 1-2-1 With Dr. Steph. Had a good talk about the FMP. Question arose whether I can exhibit images from a former module, that is part of the growth of my work over the MA, Steph mentioned that I should consult Wendy about that. I feel that if the work has grown out of former work, then it should be part of the FMP exhibit. I will discuss with Wendy when she returns to the module

Guest Lecture: Anastasia Samoylova:

Watched the recorded lecture, and learned a few interesting things.  That studio visits seems to be a way for an artist to get recognition, so one must be open to visits by clients.

I liked they way she used current social media to see what’s “happening” in the photographic world, and applying that to one’s own practice.

Learned about the Claude Glass, a black convex mirror that subdues colors of the landscape. I am thinking about using something similar to photograph reflections of images I will be using in my image construction process.

Interesting to note how her work as an architect photographing her models of building transitioned into her present practice.

5 amazons of the Russian avant-garde.  Learned about a few more artists from the 20’s Varvara Stepanova and Liubov Popova. Both painters, and how her work was influenced by theses artists work. I have come to the conclusion that to be an artist one must paint, other domains can never approach a painters art. Even a brilliant photographer still yearns for that artist ability that a painter has. I presume that is why each and everyone always refers to some painter. I know this is true for myself as well. I have again picked up the paintbrush There is some creative satisfaction that it gives that is just not attainable by photography alone, so maybe two separate domains they will remain.

Like the fact that she got an editor to edit her work as well as crop it. Her framing is not that good to begin with, so Campany really worked with the formal elements in the crop. Circle, square, line, color, all extending beyond the frame, while all her work includes it all within the frame.

Interesting and informative guest lecture.


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