Week-8-Project Development

This week my project has headed in the aimed direction. I had the hardest time incorporating my ‘Fences’ into the abstractions. The fence in the work was still to prominent, too denotive and needed to get it out of there but did not now how.

When sending of an image of the ‘Lone Cypress’ to a photo competition in Carmel, I was notified by the Pebble Beach Company, attorney, that if I submitted an image of the Lone Cypress, or used any of the words ‘Lone Cypress, Pebble Beach, 17 Mile Drive, it would become an issue, because the ‘Lone Cypress’ is trademarked and may only be used under license. Something like $10,000.00 a year. No image of the cypress tree may be used commercially or creatively and sold without licensing.

I have been working on abstracting my images for a while now, on my series fences, wanted to move on and did not have an idea where to go. The Lone Cypress came to my aid. I made and abstract of the tree and submitted it to the photo competition in Carmel. Everything alluded to Lone Pine but no representation or words are used in that context. I will see if it’s selected in the competition and of course I am going to sell it, because the tree is abstracted and not the same as in real life.

As a result of the cypress experience, I decided to abstract the physical fences out of my images. Thus the fence is connoted and alluded to. The past is gone, a new day dawns in the direction of my work. I feel I have finally ‘Cut the fence’ and crossed over into my work as art, instead of working as a mechanic.

In the next module 705, all my work will be abstract. A dream I have had and pursued since the beginning of the MA. Everything I have learned on the course, my tutors, and from research, becoming more informed plus the experience in my own life has been become aligned.  It’s only at the threshold, but I have crossed over, and hope never to return to the old way. It’s done!

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