Week-9 Contextual Research.

This week, I looked at the work of Eikoh Hosoe, a contemporary Japanese photographer and film-maker. Interested in making work about death and irrationality. This is what caught my eye. Especially the subject of death, because no one can experience it, and I find that very interesting.   Especially that he wanted to make imagery around that subject.

His work is stark and contrasty black and white, he shoots medium format, so his images are not quite as grainy as Fukase’s, however they still have that specific analogue look, which I find to be very beautiful.

Kamaitachi – 8 © Eikoh Hosoe.

He positioned himself against “real” photography, and was more interested in self  and personal expression. So, even though commercial photography is important, I place, or have a greater tendency to pace my interest in photographers who are interested in more creative image making ways.

Because I am working on my series ‘fences’, and missed an image of a boy sitting on a fence, I found this one, reminding me of what I could have had.

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Image above courtesy of: https://www.michaelhoppengallery.com/artists/89-eikoh-hosoe/overview/

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