This week has been talking more about the AIM of my practice. I had to present a 2 minute engage in discourse about it. I felt that it was a little more co-hesive than it was in the past and gets to the subject matter in relation to the metaphor it represents and how I go about it.

I want to make it simple and connected.  Fences = Metaphor for challenges, and using abstraction to  overcome challenges by abstracting the fence out of the image. Playing on the adage: ‘out of site, out of mind.’  Remnants of the fence are still visible in the final images, this is partly due to the fact that any problem that exists, is never completely eradicated. The memory of the experience will always remain. However the fence becomes a stepping stone, a building block to move forward, it is no longer a dominant, paralyzing obstacle it once was. This is what the fence symbolizes, it is that faint memory of the challenge that once existed.

I did get some good feedback, so feel good about being on track with the AIM. I have come to realize that the AIM or the INTENT of the work is what gives it the controlled direction it need to go. Two similar shots of Los Angeles look the same but the intent and the context of the images is what separates one from the other, ad if I want to pursue a practice in this direction, these aims have to be clearly defined. My work is heading in the direction of pure aesthetic, so I will see how the AIM changes when that occurs.

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