WEEK 1: Ordered film and chemicals. (Project Development)

Well it’s time to stock up on film and chemicals. I use Ilford HP5, a black and white negative, rated at 400 ASA/ISO. Running low, I ordered a 100ft from B&H Photo in New York City.  (they charge no tax if you live out of NY state and the shipping is free for orders over $49, expedited anywhere in the US) their prices   

are excellent. Phone orders and service the best I have ever experienced.  Is this a plug for B&H Photo? … YES!! I love ’em. I hand wind my own film so I also ordered some reloadable plastic canisters as well. I prefer these to the metal ones, they have a twist on side cap as opposed to one that pops on, (and has popped off) so i prefer the plastic one for that reason.

I use Kodak D76 a powder developer. I mix it and always have a gallon on hand. Over the years I have paired down on film and chemicals, I work with these two primarily, because I have done it so long that I am comfortable with the tech side of it, and don’t get many surprises anymore.

I will be using both digital and analogue for may Final Major Project, I am very comfortable with both forms, and like each in their own way, and sometimes I have bended digital and film which I like also (e.g. film negative with a Canon digital print)

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