WEEK 1: Reflections (Coursework)

Question:  What did I find challenging?

Answer:  I felt every minute of my first week challenging. Trying to figure it all out, like starting a blog, I have never done one before, so that is quite the challenge. However,  I feel I finally have a fairly good understanding of it now (referring to form only) Content and structure is a whole other matter!

Also, there was a fair amount of reading, webinars, tasks and discussions, so my week filled up rather quickly, and did not have time to get it all done in a timely matter. Time juggling, is my new past-time.

I haven’t ‘thought’ this much in years, so my brain actually got hot and overheated and I had a headache. I had a thinking headache – if such a thing exists.

The webinars were a challenge because of the 8 hours time difference between the UK and the US Pacific coast. I was up from 1am to 4am the first time around.

Question: What surprised me?

Answer: I was surprised to find out that Niepce made his photographh in 1826, I always thought it was way later in 1839/40.

that was a niepce nice new bit of information, or possible re-cap on something I had forgotten.

I too discovered, that there was actually one made a year before, in 1825. Niepce made a  printing plate that was photographically created. So was this the first actual photograph?

I also surprised how quickly photography proliferated the globe back in those years

Question: What did I learn.

Answer: That everything comes around again.  I can see the proliferation of images back in the 1850’s with the spread of photography, almost the same way the ‘selfie’  pervades the globe today.

Another important thing for me was the relationship of photography made primarily in the environment of the inventors when it started out, and I would like to end up doing my final project (part of it) ending in my studio, and when I say ‘studio’ I mean a converted room in my house. I think that the first images  made out of windows in a room had a great effect on me and want to go with that ‘theme’ if it can be considered a theme, in my Final Major Project where a lot of my images are going to be created in my immediate environment.

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