Week_12_Project Development

This week been been busy working on the assignments attempting to get it done before the deadline. Was successful with the portfolio, that was submitted early same with the oral presentation, had time for fixes and improvement, was not as rushed as it was last module.

Portfolio went through a number of changes. Still working on the CRJ. Been experimenting with different cameras. Digital and film, like the old Canon RC250 a still video v=camera, very old, 1988, but still working. and my Nikkormat 35mm film camera. Quite like the idea old working in 35mm color negative and black and white Ilford HP5+  been using a monolith developer with good results.

Canon RC250 Analogue still video camera.


35mm Nikkormat Film Camera with Tamron zoom lens.


Got my hands on some old Kodak Color Negative film from around 1998. Will be making some images in the modules to come and see how the old film performs after being left to the elements and heat for the past 20 years.

The series in my portfolio was made over numerous visits to Pearblossom HWY-138. Images need to be interpreted, they are not always what they appear to be. As a photo practitioner I am crossing over into the abstract to explore it deeper. This is a visual attempt to make the transition, a mathematical progression towards that aim.
When going beneath the underpass onto the highway, it is like entering another realm.  Because, here the image creating process begins, continues during time spent there and ends long after my return home to process the media.  Image creation, is a lengthy ordeal, not a decisive moment.
These images have culminated from this module. I have contemplated and utilized appropriation, re-photography, metaphor, de-priviliging the sensor, experimentation, fears, uncertainty, chance, luck, experience and creating as part of my methodology.

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