Think about:

  • Whether you embrace inherent collaboration in your work or whether you consciously resist it.
  • How you are learning¬†from your subjects / collaborators / participants / respondents, or helping them, or both.
  • How you might be taking advantage of your subjects / collaborators / participants / respondents.
  • Any other ethical concerns you may have.

In your CRJ, write a short summary about:

  • Your experience of the week’s activities and any feedback received from peers and tutors.
  • Any reconsiderations to the core methodology of your project.
  • The forms your project / photographs could potentially take moving forward.

I find collaboration in my work to be difficult and I have a tendency to resist it, so as part of overcoming this trait, I am going to make an effort to collaborate more.

Feedback from Gary has been very good. In that I have to move forward and experiment more with my work as apposed to being stuck in the theory of it.

Now that I have been introduced to re-photogrphy, repeat photography, appropriation and the re-use of images. I am starting to see that making images can result in a myriad of ways and need not necessarily be reliant on re-inventing the wheel. That modification of things past can aid one in making images with a new form.

Moving forward with with my photography, I am going to employ some of these strategies in my work, particularly mirrors and windows and play around and experiment more in this arena, put away the thoughts I have of appropriation and re/repeat photography or other strategies as being plagiaristic old been done before attitude, and see if I experiment and play around with it if I can come up with something different. Maybe cut down on always attempting to make something ‘New’ and replace it with something ‘different.’

Activity: Making a Zine.

Having a difficult time communicating. Not getting emails with what’s to be done. Great resistance on my part, but making the effort to forge through it and get the activity done.

I did not get an e-mail from the group, or should I say I did not receive an email with directions from the zine group. Asked for another email, and even though it was sent did not receive it. So, I missed out in being involved in the zine project.

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