This week’s webinar was very enjoyable. I saw the street work of another student and the contrast of people who live well vs those on the street and the question why this is so?

As far as my own work goes, I presented Gary with my ideas for my portfolio for this module. (Window and Mirror) a device I am in the process of constructing that I will enable me to photograph through and look back at the same time.

Gary suggested that I get going on the device and the photography.  Not getting too hung up on theory.   Experiment and make the device without delay. He also did not suggest any reading material, to stop me from getting too bogged down with theory and concentrating of the action and experimentation stage of my practice.

He mentioned something about next weeks work and how its going to relate to what I was talking about. I mentioned that I have been having creative experiences where I talk or think about something creative and later it appears as an article, or in some ways relates to what I had in mind. This is what Jung referred to as ‘Synchronicity’ I am interested to see what week 4 will bring?

I am enjoying the course very much, but am still finding it very challenging in trying to put all the work into context with my practice. I’m working on my blog to get it more orderly in the categories. I will improve as I go, as opposed to going back and fixing past problems. The reason for this is I want to see my own progress change from confusion to getting a better understanding of the categorisation of the course.

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