This week I read the paper by Stella Baraklianou titled Pixel. It was interesting to read that it does necessarily relate to the current digital photographic practice. That already as far back as  1927 with the invention of television they were using a mosaic of light points of varying illuminance to describe the image elements. For me the interest lies in how the image is formed. In analogue silver halide film, the sensitised silver becomes darkened when exposed to light and developed then fixed.

The one advantage that comes to mind with pixel technology is that the image can be manipulated at a the pixel level, in terms of color, contrast, and imperfections, which was not as easy in the analogue system.

I also discussed the perceived problem of failure, or the fear of failing and Stella recommended a book titled: ‘Failure – Documents of Contemporary Art’ Edited by Lisa Le Feuve. In which success is deemed to be regarded as something great. That between the positive and the negative if success and failure, can even be regarded as that, but more importantly, it is a place where one can begin to produce. I will be looking at this book and see what insights it has to offer.


Failure-Documents of Contemporary Art, Edited by Lisa Le Feuvre, The MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts. ISBN 978-0-262-51477-4

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