I am considering  doing my FMP along HWY138.  As I have been traveling this highway back and forth, some interesting things are coming to light. Besides David Hockney’s Pearblossom HWY- 1984.

I discovered that Aldous Huxley lived out there. That there was a Socialist Commune that was out there along HWY 138 back in 1914. Ironically all around 165 Street East where Hockney made his collage.

I was looking through some photos on my phone today, and discovered that I had actually seen the original image at the George Pompidou in Paris last August while on vacation in Europe.

The strange thing about it is that I do not remember seeing it or even taking this photograph.

‘3 Chairs Jardin Du Luxembourg’ © Pierre Chemaly

Earlier that day, I was at Jardin du Luxembourg and I made an image of three chairs.  Later on a visit to the pompidou, I saw a painting of David Hockneys, which was somewhat similar.

Le Parc des Sources Vichy. 1970. Acrylic on canvas. © David Hockney.

I will be going out to HWY 138 this coming weekend, and will go and look at the site of the Llano Del Rio site myself to get a feeling of it and may ask a few people in the area about the place.

I am contacted the State about using the site, because it is a historical land mark, and they said that it is private property and I need to contact the owner. So I will be busy next week to inquire how to do that.

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