This weeks activities were a little challenging. I had to think about how I was going to execute the ideas I had on my bookshelf. It’s interesting when bares one’s ideas to a crowd or an audience, there are always the responses that one expects to some degree, that one may like or dislike, however there is always someone who will present some information that it ambiguous or abstract enough that opens up one for thought. I did get some good feedback from from pages with the kind of response that I was hoping to illicit, and one that opened me up to some thinking.

The core methodology of my work is evolving, becoming more open, open to discovery, exploring the locations physically, spending time there as opposed to just thinking about it.

Moving forward, I am considering using many different kinds of cameras along the way. I have a varied collection of older digital camera, film camera and polaroids, I like these forms of making images, and toying with the idea of using them more instead of selecting one particular camera.  This however may be a problem with unity. I will go forward and play more with the idea. I went out and did a series of images on one of my old analogue Nikkormat camera. Still have to develop the film and scan it to see what it offers.

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