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The medium has always been of interest to me, and feel that it much of the process in image making. I have always felt that photography falls short of painting as a means of expression. There is the problem of photographic immediacy that has always bothered me, and at the same time the long time it takes to paint an image on the other.

The booklet: “The painter and the photograph” is an interesting bit of information as it opens up the possibility to make images that are a bit of both. Which I find very interesting. This is not new to me, but somehow the book puts it within a framework that is manageable. I like things to be manageable, or maybe I should really say that I like my ideas to be confirmed.

When I read a book or certain articles, I make judgements whether they feel right, or are useful to me. If I get annoyed by something I read, a lot of the times I know I am reading information that someone puts forward as Logos or method of persuasion. Since we live in different realities, I don’t always agree with what I read. and know that these people are “full of shit.”  Not very academic I know, however, I still like to refer to stuff in a base way once in a while because it’s a language everyone can understand very easily, including myself.  If they one is deconstructing anything. Photography  in particular, they themselves do not have the answer.

I like using various mediums and will start introducing this “mixed media” into my work. deep down, I feel that this may be the answer to a lot of questions. For example, the ubiquity of photography has made me numb to images, in fact I get annoyed by the strait camera image. So maybe this is a way to experiment more with the medium.

As I move forward with the project, I am still stuck between the objective and non objective image, and by objective meaning the recognition of objects in the image as opposed to not recognising anything or even using anything recognisable in the image.

Still  looking into the possibility of mixing painting with my images. Still have the deep down desire to keep my project within the walls of my house and yard.  Whether this means doing the whole project like that or collecting information from the outside and bringing it home to be modified, changed and reformed still remains to be seen.


Coke,Van Deren. The Painter and the Photograph. The University of New Mexico Press.


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