Week-10-Contextual Research

This week I will be looking at the works of Stephen Gill,  who creates work thought destruction of the negative. In the last module, I went through my destruction phase (leaving prints out in the elements) however, my approach has grown out of that into creating images by using some of the elements of destruction and past imagery to create new images. To build, construct and grow new images using parts of the old. Like temple builders of old, they used some of the old material in the new construction.  I figure every artist has to go through a destructive stage (like John Baldessari  who burnt all his work.)

John Bladerssari Cremation Project. Image courtesy of the Tate.

it’s part of the ‘rise of the phoenix’  the return from the ashes. Been there, done that, I’m interested in moving forward in creating something new. I think that is what art is about. Every era has the art of its time, a new way of producing work.


I looked at the webite of Stephen Gill. and ordered his book. “Best Before End”  As far as his website goes there is a lot of work, and it is well organized into albums. I like this, it’s easy to navigate. Each album has a title, and each title contains the images. I will organize my albums in a similar way. This style and outlay works for me. I like easy to navigate and easy access to the work.

I also see that he publishes his own books, and his company is: Nobody Books. He has quite a few books published. Maintains he can have full control of the images and work.”All decisions made during production are therefore directed by the requirements of the work rather than any external influences or considerations.” Ansel Adams had the same approach with his printing all his own images. They were all under his control. (This is why I have decided to print my own analogue images instead of sending them out to a lab)


John Baldessari: https://www.tate.org.uk/art/artists/john-baldessari-687/lost-art-john-baldessari

Stephen Gill: https://www.stephengill.co.uk/portfolio/news

Nobody Books: https://www.nobodybooks.com

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