Week-6-Contextual Research

This week, I joined the Getty Research Library.  I received my card as a “Stack Reader.”  Can go to the Getty and use the library.  A perk is one gets free parking with reading privileges, it saves $20, so that’s good for a lunch and gas.

Looked up some old periodicals on art. Art&Language, written in the 1960’s, they had all the periodicals except one, was told I can go down and look in the bowels of the library and look if it may be close by, and maybe find it. While there, I discovered and amazing book right where the periodical should have been (but was not/it may be out on loan)  called “The Tree of Life.” Quite ironic or serendipitous, as this is one of my images I am working on for my FMP. It is new images by artists of an ancient symbol. I of course ordered it, and it is a book full of beautiful images made by artists and put on show at the South Bank Center.

The Tree of Life. Image courtesy of www.abebooks.co.uk



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